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Sportsko rekreativni rafting centar “Tara-Raft” is the first officially registered rafting organizer on a commercial basis in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are family owned and operated, beginning with our founder and owner Davidović Miroslav, since 2001.

Operations are now runned by Davidović Anja & Davidović Mirko, sister and brother dedicated to this 24/7.

For years, our business philosophy has been such that instead of quantity, we choose quality of work. We choose to work with a smaller number of people with whom we will successfully evoke the atmosphere of nature around us. We are here to create unforgettable memories with those who truly love the purity and freedom that can only be found in this environment.

If you are here for the first time and do not know our way of working, make sure that we are the organizer you are looking for. Here is what distinguishes us from others and what you will experience with us:


Imagine a clear mountain river that flows unstoppably, the fresh air you breathe under the waterfall, the smell of the forest and the atmosphere of deep isolation in the canyon, the peace provided by nature and the extreme adrenaline you feed on while passing through river rapids. Rafting is a combination of two extremes – the tranquility of nature and the wildness of the river. Rafting is an unforgettable adventure, in which we take ourselves out of the comfort zone, experience moments as if in slow motion, in which we are aware of every millisecond and it seems to us that we are finished under the rapids, only to have a rush of satisfaction and a sense of victory a moment later, which permeates our body and causes tingles from head to toe. Rafting is waking up and at the same time the most beautiful dream.

With us you will feel all that on your skin. Countless times.


Ooh, yes! This is the only way possible! Statistics say that almost 80% of people perceive rafting on Tara as a symbol of easy fun and crazy parties with lots of alcohol on the river. We love crazy parties and alcohol too, but there’s no place for that on the river. Fun fact: back in 2011, we introduced a complete ban on alcohol consumption before and during rafting, and in the first year we lost over 50% of our clients because of that alone. But in the following years, we have gained far more clients than ever before, precisely because of this principle. If the rafting organizer allows or offers alcohol during the descent, he in fact favors easy fun and hides organizational shortcomings, and in the first place shows the lack of creativity to make a fun descent even without it.

Don’t let yourself miss the point and spend precious time in nature and on the river in the wrong way.


Just as every car driver must have a legally required driver’s license, so every rafting guide must have a legally required license to operate a raft. In the whole world, including in our country, the only valid permit for a rafting guide is the certificate of the International Rafting Federation (IRF), which certifies that the candidate has undergone professional training, passed tests and become an IRF rafting guide. All of our guides are trained and certified, and in addition, they have also received professional White water rescue training from Rescue3, and first aid training.

During the rafting descent, your trust and life are in the hands of the rafting guide. Choose a professional.


Having a safety kayaker on the river has long been a world wide standard. During rafting descents, falling out of the raft or rafting flipping are common occurrences, and safety kayakers are the first line of defense to protect passengers and keep them safe. We wrote about their role in detail on our blog. We are currently the only company on Tara, besides one colleague from Montenegro, that has a safety kayaker on EVERY rafting descent. We care about you, more than anyone. Photo kayakers are there to monitor the rafting descent and preserve your memories by taking photos at the most attractive places on the river.

Yes, safety is our priority. You will experience high-quality descent according to world standards.

The best camp for rafting. Atmosphere is very live, the camp is near Drina river, and has direct view on the river. Staff working in the camp are very friendly. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are very tasty all made of domestic products and food. In the evening there are events organized in main camp building, such as live music beside the fireplace.

Nikola Kostandinovic Avatar Nikola Kostandinovic
February 4, 2020

Can't recommend this enough! The people are attentive, the camp is beautiful and the sound of the rushing river adds to the atmosphere. They take great care to ensure comfort in the camp and safety and fun during rafting excursions. Srđan is a fantastic rafting guide and a great guy. 10/10, will visit again!

Andrej Butulija Avatar Andrej Butulija
June 4, 2022

We spend 2 nights with our two kids (1 and 4 years old) at this beautiful place. We got a nice place for our camper to stay in. We had electricity and could use the washing rooms. The hosts were super kind and helpful to my children and us. The food and drinks they serve were lovely and great. I can recommend the local beer 😉 I did a rafting tour with the tara team. I had a great adventure and felt safe the whole time. It was a very personal and family rafting trip.

Conrad Grimm Avatar Conrad Grimm
February 4, 2021


Yes, that’s right. Our team is fully committed to safety on the river, it is always a top priority. On the other hand, photos and videos of rafts flipping can often be seen on our social networks. Where did that come from? It is important that you know that raft flips on the river is not an incident but a relatively common occurrence, and that with us these are almost always controlled flips according to a designed scenario and a detailed plan of action, in carefully selected and prepared locations, with the aim of having fun and fully experiencing the extreme rafting. With all the security measures we take, the risks are minimized.

Yes, we offer you a truly different experience.


In our environment, there are no organized system solutions and mechanisms that will take care of ecology and prevent pollution of the river ecosystem. For years, our guides completely independently clean the bed of Tara once a year from waste left behind by careless visitors. We launched the “Weekend for Rivers” festival during which we promote the importance of preserving rivers and life on the river. We also participated in the project “Children from the Water”, be sure to watch that film. We stood up for the rivers and opposed the construction of small hydropower plants on the rivers in the region, and we opposed the construction of a system of hydropower plants, which would submerge the entire upper, at the same time, the most beautiful course of the Drina.

Yes, we really care about the environment in which we live. By taking care of the environment, we also take care of you.


Tara is probably one of the few rivers in Europe where rafting has developed exclusively as a commercial, not as a sport activity. In the last two decades, Tara has not had its real sports representatives – until now! We are proud to point out that a couple of years ago we founded a sports rafting club that educates young people about rafting primarily as a sport, and that we train hard and work on preparing the team that will go to the upcoming championships.

Our work was recognized, and in 2022 we were appointed as the organizers of the WORLD RAFTING CHAMPIONSHIP, which took place on Vrbas and Tara at the end of May and the beginning of June.


We don’t have a state-of-the-art fancy restaurant with expensive furniture and a strict code of conduct. We are honest and sincire hosts and we have live people who will be at your disposal 24 hours a day. We have waiters and waitresses who will make your stay with us like a visit to your most beloved relatives, who will welcome and see you off with a smile.

We have young, beautiful and educated guides that mothers will wish were their sons-in-law or that their sons would grow up to be such guys. We have old-fashioned drivers and janitors who instill security just by appearing, we have cooks who will chase you around the camp so you don’t miss a single meal.

That is, you have all of us at your service.

star rating  Wonderfull (non mainstream) experience - It was a two nights stay with rafting included. Although we were literally the first ones to come to the camp for the season the staff made sure we do not lack anything (we actually felt kinda special having the place and the food to ourselves haha) and the tour was organized professionally. Skippers are amazing, they truly know every inch of the river, how to prepare and feel safe but also have fun. They have the non alcohol policy (right before and during the rafting, parties are well-covered for those who like to drink) which I think its great as it makes the safety of all people on the raft higher and also gives a real authentic experience of the river, its charms and the surrounding nature. The camp itself is in a beautiful spot, its not overcrowded with lodging nor cars and the morning coffee on the terrace above water is something else.. Highly recommended experience!

Tajana M
May 3, 2022

star rating  Top vacation - This experience cannot be described in words, it must be experienced. I'll see you again ❤ ️. At home we bring home unforgettable moments spent at Camp Tara-Raft and the desire to return as soon as possible and socialize with the staff who are very professional and kind. A big greeting from Sombor.

August 10, 2022

star rating  Very good food and accommodation. The crew is polite and the nature is wonderful. Is not very crowded, good for people who want peace and nature. Accommodations is very clean and close to the water. See you soon again.

avatar thumb 204ivicad
May 11, 2022


Until it became popular – we didn’t even know we only had organic food! Local fruits and vegetables, free-range meat, local cured meat products, cheese and cream from local mountain cows, fresh fish, everything is on offer. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, we also understand that and we have prepared vegetable specialties from our gardens and completely homemade products. We also have vegetarians in our ranks. Every meal – buffet.

There is a real danger that you will quickly gain weight here.


As much as we are dedicated to rafting, we are just as dedicated to organizing good parties! Every Friday and Saturday we have live gigs, and it’s no secret that from the first day we cherish the tradition of good pop-rock parties that we hold on Saturdays, while Friday is reserved for a colorful repertoire, so we often have good folk songs too. You should know that we hate turbo folk, but also that we are excellent connoisseurs of old town music and sevdah. Especially rock and roll!

A party, the way it should be, to let the soul play and rest.


Not everyone is a fan of swimming in a cold and fast mountain river like us. Many people like the warm and calm water in which they can easily swim or simply enjoy sunbathing and drinking beer or some summer drinks.

We have 12x6m pool, perfectly located. With a poolside bar, there is no more perfect place to relax after a day on the river.

It can also be your zen location.

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