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When does the season start and finish?

Our Rafting season runs from April 21 to October 15, 2023

We offer 25% off rafting trips and packages during the weekdays in season.

Do I need to book enough people to fill a raft?

No, we can take groups of any size! Whether you are 1, 2, 4, 10, 40, etc., we will take care of arranging groups into each raft.

Smaller groups might just make some new friends along the way! Larger groups that fill a raft will have a boat all to themselves!

What alternatives are offered for non-rafters?

Our resort option for non-rafters. This includes  the use of all our facilities, and the possibility of joining any other activities from our offer: off road and panoramic safaries, mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, zip line, motorbiking, quadventures, etc etc.


Rafting Center Tara-Raft has free parking throughout our resort and plenty of space for buses and rvs

Can we bring our RV?
Is there camping place at Tara-Raft?

Yes, we have plenty of camping places in our resort.

Do you allow campfires?

Yes, but in designated areas.

Do you have a night curfew at Tara-Raft?

Yes, our quiet hour is 1:00 am on weekends, 11:00 pm mid-week.

Are canoeing and kayaking available and when?

Yes! We have a gorgeous beach with canoes, kayaks, and SUPs available for you to rent at any time. 

Please note, our beach is unsupervised, and for you to use at your own risk

Can we buy food there?

All our packages come with food included. The food is served according to the buffet system, the menu includes a variety of delicious dishes prepared from organic ingredients of local and modern cuisine.

In addition, you can order a la carte dishes in our restaurant.

What do you have for entertainment?

During our peak season, we have live music every Friday and Saturday night!

We have a large swimming pool with outdoor bar to enjoy your hot summer days. There is a large beach on the Drina river, together with voleyball field.

You can also rent mountain bikes, SUPs, quads, do a ZipLine…

When is the best time to go rafting?

Any time during the summer: the Tara River has excellent flows during the whole year, even in winter time. Weekdays are less crowded, as are early season weekends.

Some rapids are better in lower water than high. The rapids are rated as class 2 to 4, but at any water level, the Tara River provides great excitement!

What is the water temperature?

Tara river has a temperature that varies from 7 up to 12-13 C during the season. Yes, it’s cold 🙂

Cold, clean and refreshing – you are free to drink it! It is the largest reservoir of clean drinking water in Europe.

I have a GoPro, can I wear it on the river?

Tara-Raft takes photos of your trip down the Tara River. These are available to view and purchase after your rafting trip.

We have a small number of helmets with GoPro mounts. These are free to borrow and available on a first come first serve basis: no advanced holds. Tara-Raft does not take any responsibility for items lost on the river trip, including GoPros lost when using the Tara-Raft helmets.

Does everyone paddle?

Yes, although not the whole time. The higher the intensity the harder and longer you paddle.

Is rafting dangerous?

With Tara-Raft’s activities, an element of risk is inherent & beyond human control; this is often what attracts people to Whitewater Rafting. Tara-Raft spares no effort to ensure that you are aware of risks and hazards, but cannot assume responsibility for your safety or loss of personal equipment. 

We pay special attention to safety on the river, that’s actually what sets us apart from all other organizers on Tara. With all the precautions we take, all risks are minimized.

Do injuries occur?

Injuries are few and far between. The most common injuries are bumps, bruises, & scrapes. Each raft and trip carries First Aid Kits, and all guides are certified in First Aid and CPR.

Are dogs allowed on-site?


Dogs need to be attended to at all times.

Do I need experience to come rafting?

We do not require our guests to have any rafting experience to participate in most rafting adventures. However, we do ask that guests either have previous rafting experience, or are strong swimmers prior to booking the high intensity rafting trip.

Does Tara-raft provide the rafting equipment?

Yes. Tara-Raft provides all the safety equipment for rafting. This includes a helmet, lifevest & paddle. 

Please note, it is required that you wear your personal safety equpment in order to go rafting, otherwise it is not possible.

We also provide additional thermal equipment: neoprene shoes, neopreme suits, neoprene jackets.

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