Teamwork Begins
With Outdoor Fun

Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat, a fun space to interact within or a high adventure days out of the office with your team, outdoor fun is always a great choice. Away from the hectic demands of the office, your staff can focus on working as a team to better run your business. Our wilderness resort is available from mid-April until end of September.  We offer whitewater rafting along with many outdoor activities

We would be happy to put together a package according to your needs, so that you have the best experience. 

All inclusive packages are available.

About this Programs

Much More Than Just a Outdoor Trip

Bring Your Team Together on the Tara River – Perfect Rafting Team Building Experience.

Unite your team and boost their morale with an unforgettable adventure through the stunning Tara Canyon. Our fully guided rafting trip, with experienced guides, will provide a unique and challenging experience that will bring your team closer together. Your team will have ample opportunity to bond, relax, and recharge.

Our packages are the perfect way to encourage teamwork, communication, and leadership, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your team building experience today and take your team to the next level.

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Benefits of Having Corporate Team Building as an Outdoor Adventure

Increased Trust

When team members are working together in challenging and unfamiliar environments, they have the opportunity to build trust and develop deeper connections with each other.

Improved Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Spending time in nature and engaging in physical activities can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, helping employees to feel more refreshed and focused.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Outdoor team building activities often require teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking, allowing team members to develop their problem solving and decision making skills.

Enhanced Collaboration

Outdoor team building activities promote collaboration, as team members work together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.

Boosted Morale & Motivation

Being outside of the office, away from work and other distractions, can help employees to recharge and come back to work with renewed energy and motivation.

Improved Communication

Outdoor team building activities encourage team members to communicate more effectively and openly, leading to better relationships and improved overall teamwork.

Contact Us To Make Package Designed For Your Company

Whether you want to use one of our existing programs, or maybe you want us to create a special package just for you, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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For larger groups, we also offer significantly larger discounts.