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Escape to Nature: Two Days on the River in Tara Canyon


Embark on a thrilling three-day rafting expedition through the majestic Tara River canyon, covering a total distance of 80 kilometers. Our expertly trained raft guides and safety kayaker will guide you through the exhilarating rapids and stunning scenery, providing an unforgettable experience.

With food included and all equipment provided, you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the beauty of this natural wonder. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the Tara River canyon and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Duration: three days, two nights
Cost: starting from 292€

The Ultimate Rafting Experience: Three Days in Tara Canyon


Get ready for an epic adventure through one of Europe’s most stunning natural wonders, the Tara River canyon. Our four-day, three-night rafting expedition will take you on an unforgettable journey through 80km of the canyon’s crystal-clear waters, with stunning canyon landscapes, waterfalls, and caves around every bend..

Led by our team of experienced and professional raft guides and safety kayaker, you’ll be in safe hands as you navigate the rapids and twists of the river. The expedition includes all food, with hearty meals served throughout the trip to keep you energized and fueled for the journey.

Duration: four days, three nights
Cost: starting from 328€

star rating  The best rafting - The best experience ever! I reccommend it to everyone and anyone looking for some fun. Food is amazing, and people there are ready to help you if you need them. All in all phenomenal, if I could give 6 stars I would!

May 4, 2022

star rating  Wonderfull (non mainstream) experience - It was a two nights stay with rafting included. Although we were literally the first ones to come to the camp for the season the staff made sure we do not lack anything (we actually felt kinda special having the place and the food to ourselves haha) and the tour was organized professionally. Skippers are amazing, they truly know every inch of the river, how to prepare and feel safe but also have fun. They have the non alcohol policy (right before and during the rafting, parties are well-covered for those who like to drink) which I think its great as it makes the safety of all people on the raft higher and also gives a real authentic experience of the river, its charms and the surrounding nature. The camp itself is in a beautiful spot, its not overcrowded with lodging nor cars and the morning coffee on the terrace above water is something else.. Highly recommended experience!

Tajana M
May 3, 2022

star rating  Top vacation - This experience cannot be described in words, it must be experienced. I'll see you again ❤ ️. At home we bring home unforgettable moments spent at Camp Tara-Raft and the desire to return as soon as possible and socialize with the staff who are very professional and kind. A big greeting from Sombor.

August 10, 2022
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Tara-Raft is the oldest and first officially registered rafting operator on a commercial basis in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We are recognized by the International Rafting Federation and are currently the only rafting center in the country applying for the ROA certificate.

All our guides are certified by the IRF as professional rafting guides, and by Rescue3 as professional whitewater rescuers.

A member of our team is the only IRF rafting instructor in the country, and is a member of the Recreational rafting comitee at the International Rafting Federation, where rules and guidelines are adopted for the development of the entire industry.

Tara-Raft has so far carried out countless environmental actions and completely alone, without anyone's help, for more than a decade we have been cleaning the entire bed of the Tara River, preserving and protecting ecological biodiversity.