One day to multiday, easy to extreme rafting tours!


Feel the power of octans as they pumping through your veins! Enduro adventure through the mountains in canyon of Tara and NP Sutjeska!


The perfect combination of peace in nature and adrenaline on the river! Get to know the river in a completely new way!


Your house of rafting. Plase that you gonna love.




  • Package prices are based on full board.
  • Reservation of arrangements requires 50% of advance payment.
  • In the case of disuse arrangements, we do not perform the refund of advance payments collected. The program could be used in some other period.
  • For the realization of most of the arrangement there is no a minimum number of participants.
  • It is mandatory to bring your ID card, passport or other identity document.
  • Minimum recomended participants’ age is 8 years old.
  • Previous experience is not necessary.
  • Accommodation and overnights are reserved according to availability at time of booking.
  • Prices includes all taxes and all other expenses.
  • Prices are in euros, per person.
  • All the packages can be prolonged, combined, etc..
  • Rafting Center „Tara-Raft“ is not responsible for lost or damaged cameras etc..
  • Special attention Rafting Center „Tara-Raft“ dedicate to maximum security and comfort for our guests.
  • Timings stated in the description of the arrangement are not fixed and may vary depending on the wishes and needs of guests.


Professional Guides with IRF licenses


Internationally approved Quality mark


N: 43,37083 43°22’15.02”
E: 18,79459 18°47’40.54”


Free Wi-Fi signal in the entire camp


In the camp there is a area where you can set up your tents


Pop-rock music every weekend


Opening hours of the restaurant 07:00h – 23:00h every day during the season


  • Each guest is required to register their stay with an ID card or passport at the camp reception. Documents will be returned upon completion of the arrangement.
  • In the area of ​​the camp is not allowed to bring their own food or drinks.
  • Drinking alcohol before and during the rafting is not permitted. Passengers who are under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to go on rafting descent.
  • Power outlets in rooms are designed for low consumers (cell phone chargers, laptops ..) Please do not connect devices such as a hair dryer, heater, etc ..
  • The rooms are not allowed to consume food and drinks.
  • Pets are allowed with prior notification and agreement with the organizer.
  • The room was not allowed to bring easily inflammable and explosive things, things with strong or unpleasant smell, and electrical appliances for which you did not receive the consent of the organizers.
  • Please use energy rationally (taps, turn off the lights, etc.).
  • It is not allowed to damage inventory and carry it out of the room. Any damage to the guest intentionally or unintentionally do the same inventory will be charged.
  • From 23:00 to 07:00 am is time for the night rest, so please be kind enough and do not disturb other guests by making noise.
  • For all possible technical defects, malfunctions or damage please contact organizer.
  • The room must be vacated by 12:00. If you want to extend your stay, please inform organizers about it before.
  • For waste management, use the provided bins.
  • It is forbidden to light fires on the to unforeseen places.
  • During his stay in the camp, the staff is at your disposal for all the information and help you need.
  • House rules are adopted in order to allow all clients quiet and pleasant stay in the camp.
What should i know about rafting?

Do I need some previous experience to go on rafting?
No, previous experience for recreational rafting is not necessary! Your guide on the river before going downhill with you do a short course of rafting (briefing) which will expose all the techniques that you use on the river. In extreme situations, when the water level is extremely high and Tara are formed rapids Class IV and V, previous experience in the sports team rafting is necessary.

Do children can go on rafting and is there any age limit?
Yes, minors can go on rafting in the presence or consent of the parent / guardian. The age limit does not exist, all who feel capable of adventure are welcome. Rafting organizer gives the final assessment of the participants.

What is the procedure of starting from the camp?
The first thing you do before leaving is taking the equipment. At a certain point in camp skippers will share equipment, depending on the size that suits you, and you dress in the camp. Required equipment includes a helmet, life jacket and paddle, and with it you can get the neoprene suit and socks. After this is done the passengers board the jeeps and vans that will take you to the starting point. Each car will be highlighted with list of passengers who are in it, you need to go to one of those lists. This is done for the reason that by the time we cross the border crossing with Montenegro and it is necessary that all the passengers on the list are in the car. Your ID card at that moment is with the driver. Please do not leave the car while we at the borer crossing, otherwise you might make the problem ti yourself, the driver, companions, as well as the entire column where your vehicle is located. Not allowed to consume alcohol. The organizer of rafting will make sure that in the car you are with people from your group.

What is the procedure of rafting itself?
The first thing you should know is that you will probably going to be wet:) We are on the river, and do not be surprised that water splashes you from all sides! The second thing that you need to be aware of is that the Tara river is created from the thawing snow from the mountains in the canyon. So, do not expect thermal water temperature here 🙂 Tara annually varies on average from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius. For this reason you get neoprene suits to keep you warmer during the descent. All groups are already pre-arranged by boats and have been assigned with the skipper which will inform the organizer of rafting ahead. Upon arrival at your destination, look for your skipper, and he will look for you too. Before starting with a rafting skipper is required to hold a safety briefing which will explain the basic principles of conduct in the boat, on the water, paddling techniques, and all that will be useful as you descend. The skippers will inspect the equipment, and in the case of a lack notify the organizers. Be sure to listen to the instructions of a skipper, you do not do anything on your own and at its own discretion, because he is the one who is responsible for your safety. Drinking alcohol before and during rafting is prohibited.Guides (skippers) have the right to sanction any misconduct on the river, which can be dangerous to the security of the group. A person under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted into the boat. Basic equipment (helmet and life jacket) is required during the entire descent. At the end of rafting tours, you consent to the camp, the same place where you started.

What  should I bring with me on the boat?
Besides the obligatory rafting equipment you get in the camp, we advise you to bring your camera and some money (if you want to drink a refreshing drink along the way). If you need to take some medication, bring it too. On each boat will be provided waterproof bags. Waterproof bag does not guarantee one hundred percent safety of your things, but in the vast majority of cases helps a lot. RC Tara-Raft is not responsible for lost or damaged things during the descent.

Statement of risks and taking responsibility

Prior to arrival, all guests are required to fill the basic form, which contains a number of informative questions.
Within the form, there is a Statement about taking risks and responsibilities, that every participant rafting / kayaking / canyoning required to read and sign. We advise all passengers to complete the form before arriving at the camp, because thath way we will avoid the crowds and you’ll have more time for fun and enjoyment! Upon arrival, you submit form and personal documents.
Based on the Rules on the method and conditions for the provision of rafting as a tourist activities (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbian, No. 10/11) which can be viewed here, any person who is participating in rafting is mandatory to read and sign a statement about taking risks and responsibilities, as well as during the organization and flow of rafting reserves instructions issued by the skipper – guide. Other items on the form (survey questions) are taken in strict confidentiality and in order to improve communications with clients.
Form and statement in PDF format can be downloaded HERE

What should I bring with me?

Of course, like when you go to any other trip should bring personal documents. All necessary equipment for rafting we provide, and if you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring it. If you have booked an arrangement that includes a safari or hikking tours take clothes adjusted to mountain conditions (good shoes / boots for walking, trousers, shirts, jackets, etc .. for hiking). We advise you to bring some warmer clothes for the evening! If you are a smoker, provide yourself adequate supplies favorite brand of cigarettes.

How can i find you?

Camp „TARA-RAFT“ is located on the right bank of the Drina River, within the RC Bastasi, 20km away from Foca, on the main road M18, Foca – Niksic, following the direction towards the border crossing Šćepan. Foca is not so hard to find at map, but most of those who first time come into this area, the problem is coming from Foca to the camp. Global coordinates of the camp were: N: 43.37083 43 ° 22’15 .02“ E: 18.79459 18 ° 47’40 .54“

When you enter the city, you will find many guidelines that point to RC Bastasi, Šćepan Polje, Niksic, so pay attention to the signs. The section of Foca to the camp is tricky, because the last 10km is single-lane the paved road with no side banks. Although it will seem that it is completely impossible that such a path is the main and at the same time connects the the two countries do not let it discourage you, it’s just a sign that you are in the right place. Drive slowly and carefully, the road is narrow and inconvenient for those who are not accustomed to such terrain. Also, we advise you not to drive under the influence of alcohol, both for your own safety, and along the way you’ll encounter the occasional patrol of traffic police.

Approximately 20 kilometers far from Foca, you will find a board with the inscription „Rafting Center Bastasi „. You’re almost here! Immediately behind the table, the main road separats the paved road to the right, sharply down. If you just stop at that point, you will be able to see the area around the rafting center Bastasi and all the campsites that are located there. Camp „Tara- Raft“ is at the end of the road after about 1km long, the last in the series, acousticly and visually isolation from other camps, which offers complete privacy. Going down that road you have turned from the main road, you will first encounter a huge asphalt parking lot on your right, made ​​for the World Rafting Championships. Turn right to that parking, continue diagonaly forward to the ond of it.. After about 500m you will find there is a road that continues on the left and down. Follow it and proceed that way. On your left side are other campsites are on Bastasi. This road ends in a parking lot of the camp „Tara- Raft „, where you will be welcomed by a member of staff.


Bastasi bb, 73300 Foča
Republika Srpska
Bosna i Hercegovina

Established in 2001
Owner: Davidović Miroslav
JIB: 4503766990009

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