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RAFTING CENTER “TARA-RAFT” exists since 2001, and it is the first officially registered rafting club on a commercial basis in BiH. Since the year 2007 we are regular participants and organizers of the training and educational courses held by the IRF (International Rafting Federation), although the Regulations on rafting in the Law on Tourism of BiH adopted this licence in 2011god. RC “TARA-RAFT” have a school of rafting where we preparing and training young athlets by the standards of IRF, so our house rafting produce 2-3 new guide on the river every year.

Complete organization and supervision of rafting adventure is conducted by licensed IRF Trip Leader, and all guides that Tara-Raft employs are exclusively licensed IRF Guides (guides)

IRF-Logo-Crop1IRF has recognized our work, dedication and commitment to quality and safety, and in year 2015 awarded as with a license as one of the 10 rafting centers in Europe that works and employs exclusively licensed IRF guides. It is the first such award to a rafting center in BiH and beyond.


The list of European rafting centers that use licensed guides IRF you can find HERE.

If you want to work with us as a guide and you are interested to be part of the world’s great family rafting, please contact us! WE HIRE good rafting guides!


Bastasi bb, 73300 Foča
Republika Srpska
Bosna i Hercegovina

Established in 2001
Owner: Davidović Miroslav
JIB: 4503766990009