Join us in a unique experience of the unreal Tara Canyon. No previous experience required – everyone is welcome! Ideal for a quiet and intimate vacation in nature. Just what you need.

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Completely new adventure

If you’re tired of crowded rafts and too many tourists – this is the right thing for you!

A canoe adventure on Tara is the perfect intimate experience of nature and the river. Two-seats inflatable canoes provide a unique pleasure for rowers, with maximum experience of rapids and nature. They are easy to manage, and you don’t need any previous experience! With just a few instructions and the safety of kayakers, you’re ready for the ultimate adventure! For complete enjoyment and a perfect escape from everyday life, we recommend a three-day expedition throughout the Tara Canyon. Without internet and phone signals, hidden in the depths of Europe’s largest canyon, you’ll be guaranteed the best connection. Discover nature!

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