Restaurant – terrace has a total area of 250m2 and consists of several parts. There is part of the restaurant for dining, open bar, kitchen area, central fireplace and terrace above Drina. It is the central part of the camp where all the action is taking place – there we hang out, have fun, eat, drink, sing .. The central part of the terrace makes a unique wooden fireplace where the fire never goes out and where many magical moments are hapened. Next to the fireplace is home to our  bar with unique devices, „bar belts“ – something like that does not exist nowhere else in the universe 🙂

The most attractive part of the restaurant is outdoor terrace, below which runs Drina. Terrace is tucked between the linden and maple trees that provide shade and a beautiful terrace, and with the fresh air that comes from the river that fantastic place to rest during the hot summer days.

For all our guests who have booked arrangemets with us the food in the restaurant is served by buffet system. The offer consists of various dishes both traditional local cuisine and modern dishes.

For all the travelers who would stop at our restaurant to taste this delicacy there is a la carte menu.

07:00h - 23:00h

Working hours


A wide selection of dishes for vegetarians and vegans


Our local products: ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, cream, brandy, beer, homemade juices


Bastasi bb, 73300 Foča
Republika Srpska
Bosna i Hercegovina

Established in 2001
Owner: Davidović Miroslav
JIB: 4503766990009

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